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Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic : widespread


  • P. p. dresseri - Wales, c, s England and w France
  • P. p. palustris - Scandinavia to n Iberian Peninsula e to Poland, the Balkans and Greece
  • P. p. italicus - French Alps, Italy and Sicily
  • P. p. stagnatilis - e Europe to the s Ural Mts. and nw Turkey
  • P. p. kabardensis - Caucasus area and ne Turkey
  • P. p. brevirostris - sc, se Siberia, n Mongolia, Manchuria and Liaoning (ne China) and extreme n Korea
  • P. p. ernsti - Sakhalin I.
  • P. p. hensoni - s Kuril Is. and n Japan
  • P. p. jeholicus - n Hebei (ne China) and n Korea
  • P. p. hellmayri - e China and s Korea
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