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Eurasian Wren
Troglodytes troglodytes (Linnaeus, 1758)

Birds Troglodytidae Troglodytes

Taxonomy conform IOC World Bird List


  • Palearctic : widespread


  • T. t. islandicus - Iceland
  • T. t. borealis - Faroe Is.
  • T. t. zetlandicus - Shetland Is.
  • T. t. fridariensis - Fair I. (s of the Shetland Is.)
  • T. t. hirtensis - St. Kilda I. (Outer Hebrides off w Scotland)
  • T. t. hebridensis - Outer Hebrides except St. Kilda (off w Scotland)
  • T. t. indigenus - Ireland and Britain
  • T. t. troglodytes - most of mainland Europe
  • T. t. kabylorum - nw Africa, Balearic Is. and s Spain
  • T. t. koenigi - Corsica and Sardinia
  • T. t. juniperi - ne Libya
  • T. t. cypriotes - Cyprus, w, s Turkey to n Israel
  • T. t. hyrcanus - Crimean Peninsula, n Turkey, Caucasus and n, w Iran
  • T. t. tianschanicus - ne Afghanistan to mountains of c Asia
  • T. t. subpallidus - ne Iran to s Uzbekistan and nw Afghanistan
  • T. t. magrathi - se Afghanistan and w Pakistan
  • T. t. neglectus - w Himalayas
  • T. t. nipalensis - c, e Himalayas
  • T. t. idius - nc China
  • T. t. szetschuanus - wc China
  • T. t. talifuensis - s China and ne Myanmar
  • T. t. dauricus - se Siberia, ne China, Korea and Tsushima (sw Japan)
  • T. t. pallescens - Kamchatka Peninsula and Commander Is.
  • T. t. kurilensis - n Kuril Is.
  • T. t. fumigatus - s Kuril Is., Sakhalin and Japan
  • T. t. mosukei - Izu Is. (Japan)
  • T. t. ogawae - Yakushima and Tanegashima (Osumi Is., s Japan)
  • T. t. taivanus - Taiwan
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