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New user

Data on is used for scientific research. To ensure the accuracy of the data we display on, species specialists review observations. Since 2022, new user observations only appear on some of the web pages after a validator has looked at them.

Where are my observations displayed?

As a new user your observations do not appear on:

  • The homepage ‘Recent rarities’
  • Distribution maps and other species pages
  • All pages under the menu tab 'Discover'

Once a validator has checked your observation, it will appear on all pages mentioned above. On your profile page, all your observations are always visible for everyone, including those that are still awaiting validation.

In BioBlitzes on the site and Challenges in ObsIdentify, observations always are shown right away, regardless of the observer status. This way you can also participate in species competitions and research as a new user.


As soon as you spend a little longer on our platform you will automatically evolve from 'new user' to 'user'. From that moment on, your observations will appear publicly everywhere on the site, even before the validators have reviewed them. A 'new user' must meet the following conditions to upgrade to 'user':

  • The time between the first and last observation is greater than 30 days.
  • A maximum of one in twenty (five percent) of your total number of validated observations is allowed to be rejected.
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