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How to create an alert

Via this page, you can set up alerts. These ensure that you are informed by email when one of the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) shows up.

Setting up an alert in 3 seconds

If you hit the "add-button"straight away, we will inform you for each and every Invasive Alien Speicies (IAS) in the whole of Belgium. Probably you will want so specify which species you want us to alert you about in a certain region.

  1. Under "Species lists", you determine for which organisms you want to receive an alert. Tick off the species lists for which you do not want to be informed. If the remaining umbrella groups still contain organisms of which you do not want to receive alerts, you can tick them off separately in the field "Without these species". For example, you might want to exclude Rose-ringed Parakeet in case there is allready multiple territories in your patch.

  2. Would you like to receive an alert only if the IAS in question have been detected in your neighbourhood? Choose 1 or more Locations by filling in the name of your patch, municipality or toponym in the field "Locations". Alternatively, you can choose 1 province.

  3. Save your alert with the "Add" button. If desired, you can set up several alerts in this way if, for example, you want to receive a daily alert if any IAS shows up in your local patch and for just a couple of species you want a weekly alert in case they show up in the province or country.

Make sure that the setting "Send me e-mail notifications" is ticked in your profile.

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